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Saigon Live 2018-19 EPL Premier League Football Games

Saigon Live 2018-19 EPL Premier League Football Games

Live & Loud December EPL Games in Saigon

The 2018–19 Premier League is the 27th season of the Premier League, the top English professional league for association football clubs, since its establishment in 1992. The season will start on 11 August 2018 and is scheduled to finish on 12 May 2019. Fixtures for the 2018–19 season were announced on 14 June 2018.[3]

Manchester City are the defending champions. Wolverhampton Wanderers, Cardiff City and Fulham joined as the promoted clubs from the 2017–18 EFL Championship. They replaced West Bromwich Albion, Swansea Cityand Stoke City who were relegated to the 2018–19 EFL Championship.

EPL Teams

Twenty teams will compete in the league – the top seventeen teams from the previous season, and three teams promoted from the EFL Championship.

Teams promoted to the Premier League

The first club to be promoted was Wolverhampton Wanderers, following Fulham’s 1–1 draw with Brentford on 14 April 2018. Wolves will play in the Premier League for the first time since the 2011–12 season. They were also promoted as 2017–18 EFL Championship winners, after clinching the title on 21 April 2018 following a 4–0 victory over Bolton Wanderers.

The second club to be promoted was Cardiff City after drawing 0–0 with Reading on 5 May 2018, the last day of the regular season, with promotion rivals Fulham losing 3–1 to Birmingham City. Cardiff will enter their second spell in the league, their only previous appearance being in the 2013–14 season.

The third and final club to be promoted was Fulham, following their 1–0 victory over Aston Villa on 26 May 2018 in the 2018 EFL Championship play-off Final at Wembley Stadium. Fulham return to the Premier League for the first time since the 2013–14 season.

Teams relegated to the EFL Championship

The first club to be relegated was Stoke City, following their 5 May 2018 2–1 defeat to Crystal Palace, ending their 10-year stay in the top flight. This was also the club’s first relegation from the Premier League.

The second club to be relegated was West Bromwich Albion, following Southampton’s 8 May 2018 1–0 victory over Swansea City, ending eight years in the League.

The third and final club to be relegated was Swansea City. Their seven years in the League ended on 13 May 2018 when they went down 2–1 to already relegated Stoke City in their first relegation from the Premier League.

EPL Game Schedule / 2018 December Fixtures

01/12/18 Manchester City vs AFC Bournemouth 22:00
  Newcaste United vs West Ham United 22:00
  Crystal Palace vs Burnley 22:00
  Leicester City vs Watford 22:00
  HHuddersfield Town vs Brighton 22:00
02/11/18 Southampton vs Manchester United 0:30
  Chelsea vs Fulham 19:00
  Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur 21:05
  Liverpool vs Everton 23:15
05/12/18 West Ham United vs Cardiff City 2:45
  Bournemouth vs Huddersfield Town 2:45
  Watford vs Manchester City 3:00
06/12/18 Wolverhampton vs Chelsea 2:45
  Fulham vs Leicester City 2:45
  Everton vs New Castle United 2:45
  Burnley vs Liverpool 2:45
  Manchester United vs Arsenal 3:00
  Tottenham Hotspur vs Southampton 3:00
08/12/18 AFC Boutnemouth vs Liverpool 19:30
  Manchester United vs Fulham 22:00
  West Ham United vs Crystal Palace 22:00
  Burnley vs Brighton 22:00
  Cardiff City vs Southampton 22:00
  Arsenal vs Huddersfield Town 22:00
09/12/18 Chelsea vs Manchester City 0:30
  Leicester City vs Tottenham Hotspur 2:45
  New Castle United vs Wolverhampton 23:00
11/12/18 Everton vs Watford 3:00
15/12/18 Manchester City vs Everton 19:30
  Watford vs Cardiff City 22:00
  Huddersfield Town vs New Castle United 22:00
  Wolverhampton vs AFC Bournemouth 22:00
  Crystal Palace vs Leicester 22:00
  Tottenham Hotspur vs Burnley 22:00
16/12/18 Fulham vs West Ham United 0:30
  Southampton vs Arsenal 20:30
  Brighton vs Chelsea 20:30
  Liverpool vs Manchester United 23:00
22/12/18 Wolverhmpton vs Liverpool 3:00
  Arsenal vs Burnley 19:30
  AFC Bournemouth vs Brighton 22:00
  Manchester City vs Crystal Palce 22:00
  New Castle United vs Fulham 22:00
  Chelsea vs Liecester City 22:00
  Westham United vs Watford 22:00
  Huddersfield Town vs Southampton 22:00
23/12/18 Cardiff City vs Manchester United 0:30
  Everton vs Tottenham Hotspur 23:00
26/12/18 Fulham vs Wolverhampton Wanderers 19:30
  Crystal Palace vs Cardiff City 22:00
  Leicester City vs Manchester City 22:00
  Liverpool vs New Castle United 22:00
  Manchester United vs Huddersfield Town 22:00
  Burnley vs Everton 22:00
  Tottenham Hotspur vs AFC Bournemouth 22:00
27/12/18 Brighton vs Arsenal 0:15
  Watford vs Chelsea 2:30
28/12/18 Southampton vs West Ham United 2:45
29/12/18 Watford vs New Castle United 22:00
  Leicester City vs Cardiff City 22:00
  Fulham vs Huddersfield Town 22:00
  Brighton vs Everton 22:00
  Tottenham Hotspur vs Wolverhampton 22:00
30/12/18 Liverpool vs Arsenal 0:30
  Crystal Palace vs Chelsea 19:00
  Southampton vs Manchester City 21:15
  Burnley vs West Ham United 21:15
  Manchester United vs Bournemouth 23:30

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Saigon Live 2018-19 EPL Premier League Football Games

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