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Saigon Live 2017 EPL Season December Schedule

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Saigon Live 2017-18 EPL Premier League Football Games

The 2017–18 Premier League will be the 26th season of the Premier League, the top English professional league for association football clubs, since its establishment in 1992. The season is scheduled to start on 11 August 2017 and finish on 13 May 2018. Fixtures for the 2017–18 season were announced on 14 June 2017.

Chelsea are the defending champions. Newcastle United, Brighton & Hove Albion and Huddersfield Town have entered as the promoted teams from the 2016–17 EFL Championship.

Saigon Live 2017-18 EPL Premier League Football Games December Schedule

2-Dec Chelsea v Newcastle  7:30pm
2-Dec Brighton v Liverpool 10:00pm
2-Dec Everton v Huddersfield 10:00pm
2-Dec Leicester v Burnley  10:00pm
2-Dec Stoke v Swansea  10:00pm
2-Dec Watford v Tottenham 10:00pm
2-Dec West Brom v Crystal Palace 10:00pm
3-Dec Arsenal v Manchester United 12:30am
3-Dec Bournemouth v Southampton 8:30pm
3-Dec Manchester City v Westh Ham 11:00pm
9-Dec West Ham v Chelsea  7:30pm
9-Dec Burnley v Watford  10:00pm
9-Dec Crystal Palace v Bournemouth  10:00pm
9-Dec Huddersfield v Brighton  10:00pm
9-Dec Swansea v West Brom 10:00pm
9-Dec Tottenham v Stoke 10:00pm
10-Dec Newcastle v Leicester 12:30am
10-Dec Southampton v Arsenal  7:00pm
10-Dec Liverpool v Everton  9:15pm
10-Dec Manchester United v Manchester City 11:30am
16-Dec Leicester v Crystal Palace  7:30pm
16-Dec Arsenal v Newcastle  10:00pm
16-Dec Brighton v Burnley  10:00pm
16-Dec Chelsea v Southampton  10:00pm
16-Dec Stoke v West Ham 10:00pm
16-Dec Watford v Huddersfield  10:00pm
17-Dec Manchester City v Tottenham 12:30am
17-Dec West Brom v Manchester United  9:15pm
17-Dec Bournemouth v Liverpool 11:30pm
23-Dec Everton v Chelsea  7:30pm
23-Dec Brighton v Watford 10:00pm
23-Dec Manchester City v Bournemouth  10:00pm
23-Dec Southampton v Huddersfield 10:00pm
23-Dec Stoke v West Brom 10:00pm
23-Dec Swansea v Crystal Palace  10:00pm
23-Dec West Ham v Newcastle  10:00pm
24-Dec Burnley v Tottenham 12:30am
24-Dec Leicester v Manchester United 2:45am
26-Dec Tottenham v Southampton  7:30pm
26-Dec Bournemouth v West Ham  10:00pm
26-Dec Chelsea v Brighton  10:00pm
26-Dec Huddersfield v Stoke  10:00pm
26-Dec Manchester United v Burley  10:00pm
26-Dec Watford v Leicester  10:00pm
26-Dec West Brom v Everton  10:00pm
27-Dec Liverpool v Swansea  12:30am
30-Dec Bournemouth v Everton  10:00pm
30-Dec Chelsa v Stoke  10:00pm
30-Dec Huddersfield v Burnley  10:00pm
30-Dec Liverpool v Leicester  10:00pm
30-Dec Newcastle v Brighton  10:00pm
30-Dec Watford v Swansea  10:00pm
31-Dec Manchester United v Southampton 12:30am
31-Dec Crystal Palace v Manchester City 7:00pm
31-Dec Tottenham v West Ham 9:15pm
31-Dec West Brom v Arsenal 11:30pm

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Saigon Live 2017-18 EPL Premier League Football Games December Schedule